Standing Out at a Trade Show

Attending trade shows can be a rewarding experience for anyone that has products, services, and information to share. Trade shows cover a wide variety of products, services, and industries. For example, there are trade shows for inventors, sales industries, and a variety of others.

If you have heard about a trade show that is important for your industry, you may be interested in presenting your wares and ideas to the rest of the attendees. There are ways to get noticed and accomplish everything you intend to without paying for a huge booth or spending big bucks.

Attending Trade Shows

To stand out at a trade show without a large budget, there are some things you can do. First of all, try thinking about doing something unique and eye-catching. Try to get an idea of what other similar booths are doing and make sure yours is set apart from the rest.

One simple idea that seems to work well and gathers a quick crowd is to simply offer refreshments. It’s amazing what a plate of tasty snacks and cups of coffee can do to get people to come your way. If your booth is opened in the morning hours, try to add some breakfast staples like donuts or pastries. Many people don’t think of this little trick and it’s a smart way to get interested individuals to come your way.

Smart Marketing Tools

Having interesting and catchy information at your booth is a smart marketing tool. Many people use brochures, information booklets, and similar marketing materials to present at a trade show.

Don’t just purchase the same generic materials that others are using. Take some time and make sure that your marketing items are eye-catching, interesting, and present your product or services in the way you want them to be presented to the world.

When you get someone’s attention at a trade show, be sure to not use a generic or common sales tactic. Think outside the box and present yourself in a unique way. Many booths give out pens or other similar items for marketing, but there are other ways that are more creative and innovative.

Try to hold a conversation with someone that is genuine and meet their eyes. If they seem disinterested, don’t push them with cheesy methods or a desperate tone. Your personality and genuine interactions may keep them from walking away without hearing more about your products or services.

Use Social Media

One smart new way to get attention at a trade show is to take advantage of social media. In the 21st century, there is no doubt that social media is a marketing tool not to be missed. Make sure all of your followers and subscribers know about your booth and when the trade show is going to be.

They can spread the word fast without you having to lift a finger. A newer way to attract booth visitors is to create a live feed to be used on social media platforms.

If you are new to the trade show scene, sometimes it takes a little more hustle to get exposure. If you can talk to the show manager, they may be able to help you create some buzz among attendees. They may also be able to pass along some insider information to help you out.

Some trade show publications like to visit events; if you can get exposure in one of their publications, that is a great benefit. Such exposure may cost a few extra dollars, but it is well worth the investment if you can’t afford a large booth or a prime spot on the floor. These tips should help any amateur with getting much-needed exposure at a trade show.

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